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ACES – Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship

All residents and businesses in Nova Scotia can recycle their unwanted electronics free of charge through an ACES Drop-off Centre. The ACES Program is designed to manage unwanted electronic products that have exhausted their reuse potential. If your electronic items are not at the end of their useful life, you are encouraged to donate them to family members, friends or local charities. All ACES Drop-off Centres accept large volumes of unwanted electronics. For larger quantities of electronics (25 units or more), an appointment must be made with the ACES Drop-off Centre.  When booking the appointment, the ACES Drop-off Centre staff will need to know the number of pieces being dropped off.

Approved Product List: Desktop Computers/Computer Components, Portable Personal Computers (PCs), Monitors, Televisions, Printers, Fax Machines and Scanners, Personal or Portable Audio and Video Playback/Recording Systems, Home Audio and Video Playback/Recording Systems, Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) Systems, Vehicle Audio and Video Systems (aftermarket),  Non-cellular Telephones and Answering Machines

Local Approved Drop-Off Sites:

C.N. Orde & Sons                9551 Route 8 Lequille           532-7440

Greenwood Recycling          1070 Central Ave.     Greenwood    765-0335 

For more information, visit www.acestewardship.ca.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 January 2010 )
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