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The Bridgetown Lions Club has created a bursary program for any individual in pursuit of educational opportunities. The program was established to assist people who require financial assistance in order to pursue further studies.  The criteria for awarding the bursary will be largely based on the following:1)     The need for financial assistance. 2)     The applicant must reside within the Bridgetown Lions Club boundaries or have attended Bridgetown Regional High school.  The individuals applying for the bursary need to provide: a)     An explanation of the need for financial assistance.b)    Educational program being pursued and career plan.c)     Two character reference letters. d)    Proof of enrolment.  Individuals may apply at any time during the year. The deadline for applications is October 31 of each year. The amount of the bursary may be up to $500. It is the intention of the Bridgetown Lions Club to have the bursary available on an annual basis.  Candidates may apply in writing to the Bursary CommitteeC/O Bridgetown Lions ClubBox 481Bridgetown, NSBOS 1CO  For more information, candidates may contact: Dick Campbell      665-2612 Len MacDonald    665-2227 Bliss FitzRandolph 584- 3983Gerald Hackenschmitd 665-4376
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The owner of any dog which:

(a)  runs at large; or

(b)  is fierce or dangerous; or

(c)  persistently disturbs the quiet of the neighbourhood by barking, howling or otherwise; or

(d)  fails to remove the dog's faeces from public or private property

is guilty of an offence and is subject on conviction to a penalty of not less than $165.00 and not more than $1,000.00. Each of (a), (b), (c) or (d) is a separate and distinct offence.

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