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The Bridgetown and Area Health Centre Society wishes to bring information regarding the status of the Society to the attention of citizens of the Bridgetown area. In 1998, the Society was formed with the purpose of providing a modern health clinic for our area. In the fall of 1999, following a successful fund-raising campaign, the Society renovated an area of the Royal Canadian Legion building in Bridgetown as a location for just such a clinic. Dr. Eric Balser began his medical practice here almost immediately; his wife, Dr. Jane Brooks, soon joined him. 

These doctors would eventually move to Middleton to establish a collaborative practice there; since this move, they have continued to see patients one day a week in the Bridgetown clinic. Recently, one of the offices has been used by Hansi Gerold/Murphy, a student of osteopathy, for two days a week. Over the years, the Society has tried to get a full-time physician in the clinic. Meetings have been held with the District Health Board as well as Drs. Balser and Brooks, but success has been elusive. 

The Society, a group of committed local citizens, has been operating the clinic since 1999. The challenge now is that operating expenses exceed rental income, thus continuing to deplete the reserve fund. We are exploring the need for fund-raising opportunities to alleviate the financial burden of maintaining the clinic. One option is to encourage the general public to make donations, for which income-tax receipts would be issued. 

The members of the Society are: Ted Pettit (president), Kirk Lycett (vice president), Bill Hamilton (treasurer), Helen Young (secretary), Frances Clements, Richard Fleming, Bill Hirtle, Tom Lycett, John Montgomerie and Mary Steele. We have lost three of our dedicated members: Edith Cromwell has passed away, Vera Hankinson has retired, and Larry Marsters has moved away. Anyone who is interested in volunteering to serve with the Society could call me at 665-2100 at any time. 

The Society is committed to staffing the clinic with medical personnel five days a week. The general public is invited to contact me or any member of the Society with questions or suggestions which would help us attain this goal. With such interest and support, the work of the Society would be helped in these difficult and changing times. 

Yours truly,

Ted Pettit, President, Bridgetown and Area Health Centre Society

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 March 2011 )
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